Security and Appearance

A solid fence not only looks good, it gives you privacy and security, protecting the edges of your property from unwanted access and prying eyes.

Proper installation is essential due to the harsh weather we experience in Scotland, otherwise rot and wind damage can end up making a cheap fence expensive in the long run.

Panel Fencing

Panel / overlap fencing is a budget option. It can cover large areas cost effectively and offers good privacy, but is prone to damage by high winds.

Timber Fencing

Timber fencing can be “picket/palisade” style with gaps between the slats, or “hit and miss” where slats alternate between the front and back of the fence. Picket style is very wind resistant, but large gaps mean privacy can be compromised. Hit and miss offers increased privacy, but still permits wind to travel through the reducing the load on the fence and the chance of damage.

Gates & Edging

Additionally we can supply and install garden gates and edging to help separate areas of the garden or define features.