A Fresh New Lawn

Is your lawn looking tired and patchy? We can re-turf your lawn with natural or artificial turf.

The secret to a long lasting healthy lawn is preparation – as part of the preparation we will remove any existing turf and get the base for the lawn ready.

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has advanced dramatically in the last few years. Modern artificial grass is available in different colours and styles and can closely resemble a real lawn.  The obvious benefit of artificial turf is that it looks great all year round with no maintenance. This can be very beneficial for small/unevenly shaped areas of grass that are difficult to cut.

Turf Supplied & Laid

We can also supply natural turf for a lush green lawn. Artificial grass is not perfect for every application and many people enjoy maintaining their lawn. Natural grass is good for the environment and has a distinctive appealing smell when cut. The choice between natural and artificial grass is a very personal one but we can expertly supply and lay either option once you have decided.