Come home to a beautiful new driveway!

Are your driveway and paths showing the signs of weather damage and age? Allow us to professionally lay your new driveway, patio or paths.

We are specialists at block paving, slabs and tarmac, so no matter what your choice of surface we can help. Choose from a range of different options and rest assured we have extensive experience, testimonials from satisfied customers and full public liability insurance.


Tarmacadam is a durable, reliable and smooth surface which is relatively easy to repair. Once tarmac has cooled down and the particles have bound together it becomes an incredibly strong and resilient surface. It can hold the weight of heavy vehicles easily, where as other surfaces may break or become displaced.

Tarmac looks great and can be easily shaped around corners and buildings for a very appealing finish.

Block Paving

The patterned effect of block paving looks attractive, but there are other advantages. Compared to other surfacing materials, block paving is more environmentally sustainable because of its porous nature. This means the paving will absorb rainwater and stop it from gathering on your patio or driveway.

Block paving is durable and very versatile – with colour and pattern options that suit different applications.

Paving Slabs

Paving slabs come in an almost unlimited number of colours, size and textures allowing homeowners to create the look they want. They are hardwearing and can give a natural finishing touch to a garden, patio or driveway. Combined with edging the effect is very professional.

Gravel, steps and edging

Gravel is a lower cost option than paving or tarmac, but also requires more ongoing maintenance.

We can build steps in a range of styles and can also edge paths and drives with edging stones for the finishing touch!